This Rookie Idol Is Confusing Fans by Looking like a Baby and an “Oppa” at the Same Time

He’s a versatile “face genius”.

VERIVERY recently departed through Incheon International Airport in order to attend KCON LA, and among all of the stunning members, Kangmin stole the spotlight with his versatile visuals.

On this day, Kangmin showed off visuals that proved that he is indeed a “face genius”.

His front bangs, flawless skin, and distinct facial characteristics were enough to make all his fans’ hearts flutter.

What drew particular attention was how youthful he looked in some angles while also looking like a handsome “oppa” in others.

Despite being only 17 years old, Kangmin somehow manages to make the “noona” fans want to call him “oppa”.

But when he smiles, he shows off his cute and adorable charms which go to show just how versatile his visuals must be.

Check out some more photos of Kangmin’s versatility below:


Source: Insight