This Rookie Idol Is GOT7 Jinyoung’s Biggest Fanboy

This JYP Entertainment newbie wants to be just like his senior.

GOT7‘s Jinyoung has won thousands of fans’ hearts, but even other idols can’t resist his charms!


During an episode of Stray Kids, the Stray Kids members answered a few questions submitted by fans. When asked which senior idol he would like to become closer to, Hyunjin said Jinyoung. But, why, you ask?


Hyunjin told his members that he had completely fallen for Jinyoung’s coolness.


He wasn’t kidding! When JB and Jinyoung dropped by for a surprise visit, Hyunjin’s fanboy heart began to flutter.


He looked nervous when Jinyoung sat beside him…


…but that nervousness soon turned to awe. When Jinyoung gave Stray Kids some professional tips, Hyunjin soaked up every single word.


He was so enraptured that Jinyoung couldn’t help but notice!


When Jinyoung singled out his fanboy, Hyunjin became flustered. He’d been caught in the act!


Hyunjin completely froze, as if sitting still would make him invisible to Jinyoung.


Instead of letting the bashful rookie vanish, JB asked him if Jinyoung was his role model. Hyunjin hesitated then answered with the tiniest of nods.


Jinyoung gave Hyunjin’s arm a friendly pat in return, which helped Hyunjin relax just enough to “unfreeze”.


When JB asked Hyunjin why Jinyoung was his role model, Hyunjin complimented Jinyoung’s singing, dancing, and acting abilities.


JB teased him for giving such a cheesy reply, but Hyunjin meant every word!


Hyunjin ended his fanboy confession by telling Jinyoung that he is “a really cool person”.


Being a seasoned idol, Jinyoung knows just how to thank his fans for their love. He took Hyunjin’s hand in his, filling the rookie’s heart with pure joy!


JB suggested that Jinyoung take Hyunjin out to eat, but the thought of sharing a meal with his role model was too much for Hyunjin to handle.


JB’s wingman meddling continued until the end of the visit. He switched places with Jinyoung for the group picture so that Hyunjin could stand next to his idol!


After the meeting, Hyunjin recounted the moment when Jinyoung took his hand. Even the memory made him feel shy!


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