Rookie Idol Group Attacked By A Grandma During Busking Event

Snuper recently held a showcase in Myeongdong to promote their comeback, “Shooting Star”.

While they were waiting for the showcase to start, an old lady appeared and approached Snuper’s Taewoong.

As Taewoong bowed and said hello, the old lady forcefully pushed Taewoong, shocking everyone.

Despite just having been shoved by an old lady, Taewoong stayed calm and stood back to avoid conflict.

Later, it was found that the old lady was a street merchant complaining that Snuper’s showcase disrupted her business.

Fortunately, Taewoong wasn’t injured and they were able to finish the showcase afterwards.

“It was an assault, but there were no big injuries or accidents. We apologized to the old lady and wrapped up our showcase successfully.”

— WIDMAY Entertainment

Watch the full video here: