Rookie Idol Group Goes Viral After Something Unexpected Happens On Stage

MAS 0094, a rookie band has adopted the mannequin challenge in to their performance on Arirang TV‘s Simply K-Pop.

Ever since the mannequin challenge has been going viral, first in the United States and now picking up rapidly in South Korea, several idols have participated in it at their own concerts, individually on their official YouTube channels, or as part of a segment for the 2016 Gayo Daejeon. But MAS 0094 is the first group to include it as part of their performance on a live stage.

January 13, the group held their debut performance on Arirang TV’s Simply K-Pop, and at the 2:43 mark of their debut song, “Make Some Noise,” the whole band and their back-up dancers froze in the spot for approximately 6 seconds before breaking and resuming their performance.

The audience and staff seemed to have been in on the surprise, as the camera panned across the members to show their individual poses.

Many netizens who watched the performance online commented on how they thought there was a technical failure, but later laughed and enjoyed the band’s creative touch to their debut performance.

Watch their mannequin challenge below from the 2:36 mark!