Rookie Idol Groups Reveal Why They Consider BTS Their Role Models

BTS were once rookie idols that looked up to senior groups, but now, BTS are the senior group that rookie idols look up to.

Despite only debuting in 2013, BTS have quickly taken the K-Pop industry by storm and have become one of the top idol groups. BTS is a group is that is admired by fans, celebrities, rookie idol groups and even senior groups as well. BTS have garnered so much respect because of their hard working attitude.

When asked who their role models are, several rookie boy groups have admitted that BTS are the senior group they most look up to.

Among those groups are SF9. SF9 recently admitted that they were awestruck by BTS and saw them as role models when asked who they looked up to at their February 6 showcase. The group said the following regarding BTS:

“We’ve seen BTS on stage multiple times because of music show promotions. Their choreography is highly powerful on stage and we are just amazed by their presence. There is so much to learn from just watching them.”

– SF9

Another rookie group, PENTAGON, also admitted to looking up to BTS for essentially the same reasons as the previous idol group. PENTAGON said the following at their showcase held in December of last year.

Seeing them live is different from seeing them on TV. You can see what works and what doesn’t. Just by actually seeing them, you can learn so much from them.


But it’s not just rookie boy groups that look up to BTS. Rookie girl group DREAMCATCHER recently admitted that they studied the popular idol group’s choreography for the song: “쩔어 (Dope).” DREAMCATCHER said that the non-stop choreography is definitely admirable because the song’s performance is highly intense even without singing.

“It’s so respectful and amazing how our seniors BTS manage to perform this song on stage. We can barely perform the choreography yet they manage to do it flawlessly with the singing/rapping as well.”


According to the idols, the main reason BTS are so respected amongst them and are chosen as role models is because of their perfect choreography and performances. BTS always manage to show a powerful and sexy performance in a flawless way and can’t be helped but looked up to.

BTS have shown great results since their debut and are more than expected to continue to do so as time goes by. BTS  is a group that shows what hard work and dedication can do.

Check out what these idols mean by highly intensive choreography, below! 

Source: Herald Corp