Rookie Idol Reveals How He Became Friends TXT’s Beomgyu

The two idols have known each other for quite a long time.

Less than three months ago, ten-member boy group TOO made their debut after earning their spots through a survival show.

Recently, four of the members participated in a “Roadview Trip” where they visited their hometowns via a 3D map. Jaeyun went first, sharing an unexpected connection to another idol.

In the process of showing some of his favorite spots in his hometown Daegu, he revealed how he’d become friends with TXT‘s Beomgyu and how they used to spend their days together.

The first location Jaeyun pulled up was his middle school. It was where he had precious memories of the friends he’d made. He shared, “So, I went to this school since second grade. I met many friends here, including Beomgyu of TXT.”

He also showed where they used to hang out as children. Jaeyun pointed out their love for music started very young. Pulling up another location, he said, “[The] karaoke, coin singing room, that I always went to with my band friends.”

Thanks to his band friends, Jaeyun received support in sharpening his singing skills, “I used to sing with my friends at coin singing rooms here. And, I got a song request from my friends and sang that song.” They’d even eat tasty macarons and fish-shaped buns.

If you’re wondering how Jaeyun’s “band friends” have to do with Beomgyu, they used to play in one together. Jaeyun was the male lead singer while Beomgyu played guitar, as seen from one of their band performances.

With Jaeyun having attended the same middle school since second grade, it’s possible the two have known each other since then. Check out Jaeyun’s Daegu tour of his favorite hotspots, especially the ones he went to with Beomgyu.

If you want to see pre-debut Beomgyu and Jaeyun, watch their band performance as well.