This Rookie Idol Is Known As A Mix Between Junsu and Taemin

This idol’s debut caused a stir when netizens realized how similar he looked to two K-Pop music legends.

NCT‘s Kim Jungwoo‘s visuals are known to be a blend of SHINee‘s Taemin and JYJ‘s Xia Jungsu – but the debate continues as to which famous idol the rookie looks most like.


When Kim Jungwoo debuted as the 10th member of NCT earlier this year as a main vocalist and lead dancer in NCT U, the online community noticed his similarity to Taemin – from the way he smiles, to his mannerisms and slightly crazy antics.

  • “Taemin the second.”
  • “Taemin’s love child.”
  • “He could be Taemin’s little brother.”


But others think he looks more like Xia Junsu than Taemin…

“He reminds me Xia Junsu more than Taemin…”


And so netizens came to the conclusion that he is a perfect blend of the two singers.

“I personally think he looks like the mixture of Xia Junsu and Taemin… His eyes resemble Xia Junsu’s while his lips resemble Taemin’s…”


While of course there are still those who see him as looking more like Taemin…

  • “Kim Jungwoo… SHINee long lost son..his face looks like Taemin & his voice sounds like Onew….”
  • “When I first saw him, everything he does remind me of Taemin. From his looks, even to the way he talks. But now that I often see him, he doesn’t really look like Taemin that much…ㅋㅋ”


Or Junsu…


There are others who reject the whole argument, saying he looks like WJSN‘s Seola!

  • “He looks like the visual member in WJSN.”
  • “He looks exactly like WJSN’s Seola… I can’t think of any other idols beside her…”
  • “He looks like the combination of Xiah Junsu and Seola…”
  • “He reminds me of Leeteuk, though..?”


While netizens are still debating who exactly he looks like, they all agree he’s definitely got the visuals!

Source: The Qoo (1) and (2)