This Rookie Idol You Probably Never Heard Of May Be One Of The Prettiest

With the look & talent like hers, this rookie won’t take long before she goes superstar!

BustersJisoo, born 2003, is a super rookie that isn’t too well known yet, but after these round of photos, her beauty may have you completely charmed!


Rookie group Busters, actually comprised of actresses, debuted in 2017, as a group mainly put together to appear on a special animation program called the Idol Ranger Power Busters scheduled to release in fall of 2018.

The producing agency stated, “Busters is a project group specific for the shooting of the animation. We are cautious about having the group promote too early, before the production of the program.”


While the group has not promoted since their debut track, “Dream On”, as per the agency’s decision to keep them low-key until the production of the TV program, Jisoo’s pictures went viral for her good looks!

The pictures are from when the group held a fan signing event shortly after debut.


Jisoo has amazingly fair skin, with large and deep-set eyes that make her the perfect idol material!


Netizens are completely surprised at how such a beautiful rookie has been undiscovered for so long!

  • “She’s beautiful! Who is she?”

  • “She kind of looks like Chaeyeon from DIA.”

  • “Wow, this girl is drop dead gorgeous.”

  • “She looks like a game character…”

  • “Why are there so many pretty girls!?”


Since the fan signing event, Busters has been on the move. Jisoo has been spotted promoting the group’s title song or performing cover dances to get more exposure.


Interested in learning more about Jisoo? Check out her self-introduction so you can hear her voice!


And watch Busters’ “Dream On” MV here:

Source: Instiz