The Rookie K-Pop Group That Kept Performing After Their Debut Stage Collapsed

Debuting is already terrifying enough!

For K-Pop idols, some of the most nerve-racking days of their careers are their debut stages. For one rookie group, their debut stage was so powerful they made the physical stage collapse.

Fans of third-generation groups are most likely familiar with B.A.P from their group activities. Newer K-Pop fans may recognize the members from their solo endeavors, like Moon Jongup‘s appearance on Peak Time.

B.A.P recently.

B.A.P were first introduced in January 2012, before their debut, and stood out from many other boy groups’ concepts. While each member was blond, their aesthetic was rougher than the average, wishing to display a tough image.

B.A.P at debut.
B.A.P’s Bang Yongguk
B.A.P’s Daehyun

The music video for their debut track, “Warrior,” completely matched this sentiment, showing the group in a grungy setting and showing off powerful choreography.

One of the point moments of the video is the dance breakdown that features the group stomping and doing moves that could be found in a movie like Stomp The Yard. 

Fans waited in anticipation for the group’s live performances, one of which happened on an episode of SBS‘s Inkigayo. According to those in attendance, the stage collapsed under Yongguk during a moment of stomping.

Fortunately, he was uninjured and continued performing, showing off his amazing professionalism. There was a bit of a delay in recording, but B.A.P were able to complete it successfully!

B.A.P are one of the few groups that debuted in 2012 to still have not disbanded. You can check out the full list below.

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