Rookie Male Idol Accidentally Live Streams Himself Getting Scolded By His Mom

Guess which idol got yelled at by his mother on live stream!

It was Je Up from IMFACT who is currently completing in The Unit and fans are cracking up!

He was interacting with his fans at his home and walked around the house giving them a tour.

He introduced his little sister’s room and the stuffed animals in it.

When he barged into his sister room, he accidentally stepped on her foot making her scream and he stood there laughing at her.

His fans really enjoyed the live stream because Je Up had multiple funny moments caught on camera that were unintended.

While Je Up continued the house tour, his mom’s voice in the background was also caught on camera.

“What are you doing around the house?!! You can’t just expose our home like this to the public!!”

— Je Up’s Mom

Fans all laughed at the situation saying “Even though you are an idol you are always just a son in the house hahaha”

Je Up’s fans loved his unfabricated interactions with the family and fans and are waiting for more of his live stream videos.

Source: Dispatch