This Rookie Slammed Her Head Into A Table With A Terrible Bang, Becomes Internet sensation

LOONA’s Jinsoul has become an internet sensation after a video footage of her head trauma was released.

During a live broadcast, Jinsoul performed a cute little aegyo for her fans.

But overcome with embarrassment, she collapsed onto the table with a loud bang!

She hit her head on the desk so hard that the sound reverberated throughout the room!

Her two members and the camera director was even concerned about her head.

But once her fans realized that she’s perfectly fine, the internet had the perfect response to her hilarious headbanging.

A Twitter account was made just for the sake of her video by compiling her headbanging to the latest K-Pop hits!

The videos included hit songs from Red Velvet, TWICE, Produce 101, KARD, and more!

Jinsoul has always been a fan favorite for her dorky aegyo.

And now she’s gaining the massive love for her quirky personality!

Watch Jinsoul’s complete original headbanging video below!