BLACKPINK’s Rosé Said She’s Proud Of Her Teammates And Made Everyone Ugly Cry

“I’m very proud of each and every one of us.”

In a recently uploaded episode of BLACKPINK Diaries, BLACKPINK‘s Rosé was spotted sharing her innermost feelings on stage. As the long-winded tour came to an end for the group, Rosé grew emotional and extra proud of her teammates.


It seemed that Rosé felt accomplished after successfully completing all legs of their tour around the world.

All four of us, we did really, really well. And I’m very proud of each and every one of us… because we went through a lot. I’m very, very proud.

— Rosé


She praised her fellow teammates for really pushing through the ups and downs and celebrated the teamwork that grew even stronger amidst the tour.

I just want to point out that the members worked really hard… And I know we each had our own battles to fight… Oh gosh, this is making me cry. I’m just really proud of BLACKPINK.

— Rosé


And her heartfelt message made not only her teammates burst into tears, but also BLINKs who watched and supported the members through the whole experience.

Just like we pulled through the traineeship together, we pulled through the world tour together. I have no doubt that BLACKPINK will continue to grow and mature in the days to come. I feel nothing but great accomplishment from this tour.

— Rosé


BLINKs are super proud of Rosé and BLACKPINK all together — for being a good team, a strong sisterhood, a family and home to each other!


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