How Performing Artists Really Feel About Their Fans Screaming During Concerts, According To The Rose

Does it ruin the vibe?

For many international K-Pop fans, screaming during concerts is all part of the experience.

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Yet, some feel differently. Others think that screaming during an artist’s performance or at least when they’re talking is disrespectful.

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A Black Rose (The Rose fandom) recently attended The Rose’s 2022-2023 HEAL TOGETHER WORLD TOUR in Berlin. They asked the members how they felt about fans screaming throughout the concert, including when members spoke.

I wanted to ask if … if you like it when fans scream when you are like talking with us, like for instance, when Dojoon was talking about the song “sorry,” and  … everyone was interacting with you and screaming. Do you like it, or are you annoyed by it?

— @leyalch/TikTok

Woosung explained that each country, even different cities, reacts differently at their concerts. Some wait until the end, while others make noise throughout the entire show.

I mean… We don’t mind it because it is what it is, and for that energy at the show like it’s different for every show. I think it’s different … per city too. Right? You go to like Japan or the Asian countries, it’s a little more like they wait until the whole thing’s over and then … You go to South America … They just like singing over the song, but we love all of the things, you know.

— Woosung

Dojoon agreed with Woosung’s sentiments. He jokingly said that sometimes fans’ reactions either “help” or “ruin the vibes.”

They dance like break dancers when we’re singing. …Whatever you guys feel like… Do whatever you guys want to do. Sometimes that you know it helps the vibe. Sometimes, it ruins the vibes, but it’s okay. You guys think and do whatever you guys want to do.

— Dojoon

Both Dojoon and Woosung emphasized that they are okay with whatever energy fans give them. So, they encouraged them just to do what they want.

It doesn’t ruin the vibe. Whatever that energy is, we’re okay with it.

— Woosung

Watch the video below.


I got to ask my question to The Rose at the Meet & Greet in Berlin. I got curious abt their opinion on this matter after the show and didn’t think I will be able to ask them tho. I wasn’t sure either if the question was okay to ask. But I think they didn’t mind. #therose #hetogether #heal #healtour @official.therose

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