Rowoon Was Nearly Too Tall For His K-Drama Role

The director had trouble casting others.

Known as one of, if not the, tallest third generation K-Pop idol, Rowoon caused some concerns with his height when it came to casting the other actors in his drama, The King’s Affection.

Park Eun Bin as the Prince and Rowoon as the Royal Tutor | KBS2

As it turns out, director Song Hyun Wook was initially concerned that Rowoon may be too tall, as the height difference between him and the other male characters could potentially affect their dynamic as rivals. Speaking at the press conference before the show’s premiere, Song Hyun Wook revealed that this concern even ended up influencing his casting decisions regarding the other male characters.

That was a bit troubling, actually, because I had to cast the other actors [who were] as tall as him because, if the height was too different, the rivalry wouldn’t really come to show.

— Director Song Hyun Wook

For reference, there are some pictures that show the contrast in height between Rowoon and people surrounding him below. It’s interesting not only that his height affected an aspect of the production itself, but that the director also thought it could even affect the relationships and the development of the characters in the story.

| /Naver

Director Song Hyun Wook also admitted to having been the tiniest bit skeptical about whether Rowoon was the right fit for the role in the first place, and not just because of his height. However, he also explained that, after a lengthy conversation with the SF9 member, he was thoroughly convinced that Rowoon truly embodied the character of Jung Ji Un.

[On] our first meeting, [Rowoon and I] talked for about an hour-and-a half and after that conversation, I wasn’t worried anymore because he was very funny, [and] he was very confident… To me, [Ji Un] just seemed like Rowoon himself, it was just as if [Ji-Un] had just come to life once again, so I knew that he was ready and he was all set.

— Song Hyun Wook

Fans of the show will appreciate the director’s final decision, as The King’s Affection would simply not be the same without Rowoon. However, it is crazy to think that he’s so tall that they had to make casting decisions around that!