Video of Roy Kim Claiming Jung Joon Young Corrupted Him Resurfaces in Light of Reports of His Involvement

Roy Kim and Jung Joon Young once lived together.

A video of Roy Kim and Jung Joon Young on an MBC special called Flower Boy Bromance that aired back in 2016 has resurfaced in light of recent reports of Roy Kim’s involvement in Jung Joon Young’s chatroom.

On the show, Roy Kim asked Jung Joon Young, “Did you like living with me better, or are you happier living by yourself?” In response, Jung Joon Young answered, “I’m definitely happier now!” to which Roy Kim sadly asked, “Why?

Roy Kim then went on to express his opinion and said, “I liked it better when we lived together.” And Jung Joon Young also sympathized and replied, “It was comfortable. Never boring.

What’s drawing a lot of attention on the internet is what Jung Joon young said next, which is, “You didn’t like to have fun back then.” And Roy Kim responded to that with, “Well, I couldn’t drink back then. That was before you corrupted me.

Roy Kim also added, “I couldn’t drink a single glass of alcohol 3 years ago, but now, I can drink a lot more than you.

Check out the footage below starting at 8:00:

Source: Dispatch

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