Roy Kim’s Confession About Why He Went into Music Resurfaces in Midst of His Recent Scandal

“I went into music so I could get girls.”

In the midst of the recent reports stating that Roy Kim was one of the members in Jung Joon Young‘s chatroom, Roy Kim’s past remarks on the matter have resurfaced as well.

On a past episode of MBC’s Radio Star, Roy Kim spoke about the reason why he first went into music and confessed, “I was the class president when I went to high school in the States. At the time, I was also in the school band, and the reason why I joined it was that I wanted to get girls.

He explained further and revealed, “I went to an all-boys middle school, so I didn’t have much of a chance to meet girls. It wasn’t that I wanted to have a girlfriend. I just wanted girls.

In addition, when Roy Kim performed at a music festival held at a women’s university back in 2013, he said, “I’ve had a cold lately, so I’ve been needing some female energy. I got that female energy I’ve been craving today” which stirred up quite the controversy at the time.

Such past remarks have been resurfacing in online communities and raising the question of whether this is the reason why Roy Kim might have engaged in chat conversations that casually spoke of women in a sexual manner.

It’s been reported that there are 3 more celebrities who were involved in the chatroom. The police are planning to investigate Roy Kim as a testifier in the near future. 

Source: Dispatch

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