Here’s How Rumors Start About Some K-Pop Idols Being Difficult To Work With

KARD’s BM revealed why it stops people from working with those idols.

Since the hosts of the Get Real podcast never fail to be honest, they shared how rumors start about some K-Pop idols having reputations that make others not want to work with them.

BM, AleXa, and Ashley Choi.

While discussing how idols’ schedules can change at the drop of a hat, KARD‘s BM offered some advice for those in his position that AleXa agreed with: “You have to be flexible as an entertainer and as a celebrity. You have to be extremely flexible.

He then warned others of the danger of not being able to do so, “If you don’t have a flexible personality, you’ll get canceled like that.” There was another reason why it was so important for an idol.

BM then shared the source of those rumors that go around about some idols being difficult to work with, causing AleXa and Ladies’ Code‘s Ashley Choi to nod their heads in agreement.

‘Cause usually what happens with people that aren’t too flexible, all those rumors and that nasty stuff said about you, it starts from the inside.

You’ll work with someone and that someone will be like, ‘Ugh, I don’t know about her.’ And other people will be like, ‘Ugh, I know. I work with her too—or him.’

— BM

BM also shared how those rumors lead to missed opportunities. He warned, “And then the next thing you know, no one wants to work with you. That’s why you gotta be flexible.

Check out KARD’s BM exposing how those rumors actually come from the people who have worked side by side with idols.