BTS’s Jimin Ended Suga’s Fib Faster Than You Can Say, “Fraud” 

Jimin saw straight through his lies.

“The truth” and “Suga‘s truth” are two drastically different things, and nobody knows it better than BTS!

Suga loves to drop fact bombs on his members…

…but these fact bombs aren’t always factual.

He also tries to BS his way through life…

…whenever it suits him.

If there’s one person who won’t let Suga get away with fibbing, it’s his go-to bickering partner, Jimin, who literally wrote the song on being “caught in a lie”.

While reviewing photos from BTS’s DIY fashion shoot, Suga tried to pass himself off as a photography expert by dropping random terms.

“You’re embarrassing yourself. Stop,” Jimin said, and Suga broke out into a big, gummy smile.

Oh, well. Better luck next time!