Everybody Wants A Piece Of BTS Jin’s Gold Medal, But He’s Not Having That

They wanted to melt it down…in the name of friendship!

In Episode 130 of Run BTS!, the staff awarded Jin a 24K gold medal for winning BTS‘s tennis tournament — and everybody wants it!

During his winner’s speech, Jin said he wasn’t sure he deserved to win gold. Suga‘s solution? Give it back! He would have gladly accepted it on Jin’s behalf.

also wanted the medal for his own. While Jin was distracted, V stole the medal by slipping it off its lanyard!

In the episode’s behind the scenes clip, Jungkook also had his eye on Jin’s prize. He just wanted to touch it — or did he? Jin wasn’t taking any chances!

Like true brothers, BTS share their spoils, so the members came up with a solution. They should melt down Jin’s medal and make friendship rings from it. That way they could all share in his victory.

So far though, that hasn’t happened. On February 25, Jin posted a photo of his gold medal and a gold appreciation plaque he won in a previous episode.

| Jin/Weverse 

He’s proud of his accomplishments, and fans are too!