BTS’s Suga Psyched Jungkook Out By Getting Inside His Head

The Golden Maknae was no match for Suga’s mind games.

Jungkook is skilled at winning games…unless someone messes with his head!

It doesn’t matter what the game is. From relays…

…to obstacle courses, the Golden Maknae takes top prize. Jungkook’s coordination, speed, strength, and all-around athleticism work in his favor, but strategizing isn’t his strongest point…

It’s Suga‘s!

In Episode 96 of Run BTS!, Suga completely threw Jungkook off his “Rock, Paper, Scissors” game by getting inside his head.

He revealed that Jungkook always plays “scissors” first, which makes him predictable. Jungkook had no idea he did this until his observant hyung mentioned it.

So, to switch things up, Jungkook played “paper”, and ended up getting snipped. When Suga asked Jungkook if he’d chosen paper because he thought V would choose rock, he didn’t answer…

…but his expression screams, “yes”! He needed a new plan. “Paper” had failed him, but what about “rock”?

Nope. Bad idea! Like V, Jimin was one step ahead, thanks to Suga’s mind games.

“You’re so readable,” Suga laughed as Jungkook walked away. Better luck next time!

No worries though. Suga got a taste of his own medicine, thanks to RM!

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