Haha Makes Shocking Revelation That Every Single Running Man Member Has Suffered a Herniated Disc

Haha revealed that despite all the fun they have on set, not a single Running Man member is physically healthy.

On a recent broadcast by YouTuber, Korean Englishman, Haha opened up about the struggles his fellow Running Man cast face while shooting the popular variety show.

Over some delicious pork belly and soju, Josh shared that despite not speaking any Korean, one of his English employees enjoys watching SBS’s Running Man and asked how fun it is to be on it.

In response, Haha showed a sad expression and confessed that being on the show also comes with a lot of hardship.

Haha confessed, “There isn’t a single member who didn’t suffer a herniated disc while being on the show. Jongkook injured his first, and then it was Jaesuk, and Kwang Soo hurt his, too.

He also added, “Every single member has received surgery for their discs. No one is normal. We all have to go to rehab for it, but we don’t even have time to do that.

Every week, the Running Man members complete physically demanding missions in addition to the witty jokes and amazing bonds they entertain their fans with.

Despite the hardship, Haha also mentioned their amazing friendship by sharing, “After 10 years of filming together, we’ve become the best of friends. We’re the closest comrades.

Watch the full confession starting at 7:30 below:


Source: Insight