Running Man Jeon So Min Gets Super Excited After Seeing A Crocodile’s Pee Pee

Jeon So Min and her crews from Running Man witnessed something truly special, a crocodile’s penis!

On November 26’s broadcasting of SBS’s Running Man, Jeon So Min and he crew visited an aquarium in Austrailia for an adventure with a caged crocodile.

While the other members were inside of  ‘cage of death’ for a crocodile dive experience, Jeon So Min and Lee Kwang Soo remained inside of an aquarium to see the dive.

As Jeon So Min got closer to observe the crocodile, Lee Kwang Soo kept insisting her to stay far away.

All of a sudden, two of them witnessed the crocodile’s penis come out as it urinates, jumping away in a total shock.

Jeon So Min screamed out ‘Penis’ as embarrassed Lee Kwang Soo trying to remain calm after the incident.

The two of them eventually laughed it out, knowing that they witnessed something truly unique.

Source: Dispatch
Watch the full clip below: