Running Man Leaked Footage Reveals Female Idol Almost Severely Injured

Running Man is a program that tests luck, strength and patience and sometimes things can get very dangerous. A leaked footage of a past incident that resurfaced recently revealed the dangers behind some of the stunts on the program.

A footage from 2012 that recently resurfaced shows just how dangerous some of the stunts can be.

While former Wonder Girls’ member Yubin attempted to jump over a vaulting horse, she became overeager to set a record and hit the edge of the vault and taking it with her.

If it wasn’t for the cast members coming to the rescue, she would’ve suffered a serious injury from the heavy vault falling on top of her.

They were even willing to throw their bodies at the falling item as Yubin ducked helplessly on the floor. Earning them a lot of praise from their fans!

The original episode aired in October 2012 but it wasn’t until the footage was leaked years later that fans were aware of what happened.