The “Running Man” Staff Is Having Way Too Much Fun Ordering The Cast Around

“This isn’t as easy as I expected.”

Although Running Man centers around the hilarious cast and other celebrity guests, fans of the show are familiar with the staff, who regularly appear in episodes.

Multiple times the Running Man staff have even competed against the regular cast members in challenges.

And they’ve always enthusiastically supported the members.

But they didn’t hold back in one episode where the staff had the chance to make the cast members work hard.

The Running Man cast took a gamble in ordering a delicious meal for themselves.

Yoo Jae Suk | sNack!/YouTube 

But when Jeon So Min had bad luck with the card she selected to try and pay for the meal (since each card had a different amount on them)…

Jeon So Min | sNack!/YouTube 

The members had to try and run the restaurant for the staff to compensate for their meal. Which resulted in some hilarious “stress” for them.

| sNack!/YouTube 

Like when they playfully “ordered” Yang Se Chan around.

Yang Se Chan | sNack!/YouTube 

And overwhelmed Kim Jong Kook with their order.

Kim Jong Kook | sNack!/YouTube 

Which led to him eventually walking around the restaurant, shouting, “Water!”

| sNack!/YouTube 

They even unintentionally confused Ji Suk Jin with how they were asking for assistance.

Ji Suk Jin | sNack!/YouTube 

But there’s no denying that the Running Man cast have a fantastic relationship with their staff and fans always look forward to episodes where they can see the interactions.

You can read more about the episode here.

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