Ryan Reynolds’ Wife Got Jealous Because He Would “Sleep With HyunA’s Picture”

Blake Lively doesn’t like what Ryan Reynolds does with his picture with HyunA…

Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds traveled to Korea to promote his new movie, “Deadpool 2” back in 2018.

KBS’s Entertainment Weekly took Ryan Reynolds on a boat tour along the Han River while asking him some interview questions.

Of course, Entertainment Weekly had to bring up what happened the last time he promoted Deadpool in Korea.

He had a special photoshoot with HyunA, and he even posted about it on Instagram!

This happened… and I don’t regret it for a second.

— Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds responded with excitement to see the picture again and even called out HyunA’s name.

He then joked that his wife, actress Blake Lively, does not like it when gets a little too close with the photo.

My wife hates it when I go to sleep holding this photo. She just hates it, she says let it go.

— Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds explained he is a fan of HyunA and truly enjoyed the wedding-themed Deadpool photoshoot.

I learned about her before we took this photo. I love that they did this photo shoot, I thought it was absolutely fantastic.

— Ryan Reynolds

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