Ryan Seacrest Explains Just How Much Of A Global Phenomenon BTS Is

Ryan Seacrest tries his best to explain the global phenomenon that is A.R.M.Y.

Ryan Seacrest was asked to explain why BTS is so popular internationally, and he did his best by saying, “it’s a true global phenomenon, I can’t explain it!

Ryan was asked as a “media superstar” by ABC7‘s George Pennacchio after A.R.M.Ys rallied together to support the #RoarForChange campaign, helping to hit their target of $1 million!


Ryan Seacrest first realized the power of BTS when the boys came to his station, KIIS-FM, for an interview in November 2017. He said A.R.M.Ys were the most dedicated fans he had ever seen.

BTS has been a phenomenon for the last handful of years now…. We’ve had every artist in the world come into KIIS, never have I seen so many A.R.M.Y members standing outside the building, clamoring and waiting to get a glimpse of these guys, so it is a true global phenomenon. I can’t explain it, but you know what? Knowing them makes us more popular.

— Ryan Seacrest


A.R.M.Ys are trying to help Ryan out by providing in-depth explanations of BTS’s appeal.


They claimed BTS weren’t just celebrities but family. Their personality was what made their music and visuals that much greater.


Fans are also thanking George and Ryan for the recognition and reassuring them they are “hip”!


A.R.M.Ys are hoping that Ryan Seacrest’s station will start playing more BTS!


This isn’t the first time Ryan Seacrest has interacted with A.R.M.Ys – during his interview with BTS, he gave one fan the surprise of her life when he rang her live on air!