Ryu Soo Young Shares The Moment He Knew Park Ha Sun Was “The One”

It was when Park Ha Sun pushed him?

Ryu Soo Young and Park Ha Sun got married in 2017 and are one of the few celebrity couples in the Korean entertainment industry.

On an episode of Happy Together, Ryu Soo Young shares the details on how they eventually got married and how he knew Park Ha Sun was the person he wanted to marry. That it all began when they were both on swing sets.

Ryu Soo Young initially thought that it was going to be a romantic moment between them because of how the swings were starting to slow down and getting closer to each other.

Ryu Soo Young went in for a kiss with Park Ha Sun, but she surprisingly pushed him a laughing/joking manner.

Park Ha Sun pushed in a non-embarrassing manner to prove that she wasn’t an easy person. Ryu Soo Young loved that and was also laughing the whole time he got pushed back. It was at this moment he knew that he wanted to marry Park Ha Sun.

Ryu Soo Young also shared the details on how he eventually proposed to Park Ha Sun. He initially had the ring with him and prepared, but was always too nervous to ask the big question.

It wasn’t until the two were just walking alone that he decided that it was the right time to ask.

Park Ha Sun was incredibly moved and touched over the simple, yet effective proposal.

Watch the full video below!