Ryujin’s Strength Was Too Much For ITZY To Handle

Lia experienced it first-hand.

When it comes to performing choreography, ITZY‘s Ryujin has taken everyone by storm with how effortlessly and fiercely she can move her shoulders.

Besides excelling in that area, there’s another where she just can’t be beaten: brute strength.

After trying her best to take down Yuna and Chaeryeong in thigh-wrestling, Lia was determined to be the queen of the game. That all changed when it was her turn to battle Ryujin.

No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t manage to match Ryujin’s thigh strength. Even as she kept trying, Yuna and Yeji had to put a stop to the game, knowing it was well and truly over.

Not only had fans noticed how much of a strong thigh-wrestler Ryujin was, but they saw she had strong arms to match. As Lia laid back in the seat, thoroughly defeated, Ryujin attempted to clean up, going for the chair she’d just sat in.

After folding it up and carrying it in one hand, Ryujin still had the strength to carry something much heavier. Since Lia hadn’t moved, she settled for grabbing onto the chair and dragging it along with her.

Even though she hadn’t lifted the chair with Lia on it, the fact that Ryujin was able to handle the weight of everything in her hands had fans impressed with how strong she is. Between that and Lia’s mental breakdown, Yuna, Yeji, and Chaeryeong couldn’t help but laugh at the situation.

Whenever the members of ITZY need some help with the heavy lifting, they know precisely which member can make it easier for them.

See an exhausted Lia be smoothly carried away by the oh-so-strong Ryujin here.