S. Korean President Moon Jae In’s Adopted Dog Is Unbearably Cute (8+ Photos)

Moon Jae In’s adopted dog is the cutest ever!

This is Tori, the dog who was adopted by President Moon Jae In and now lives at the Blue House.

Source: CARE


Tory was rescued from a dog meat farm where he was abused by the owner.


But even after being rescued, he had a difficult time getting adopted due to a prejudice against black dogs.

Old Korean stereotypes say dark colored animals bring in bad luck or are considered “scary”.


With dark, sparkly eyes…


…And a cute little snout that no dog lover can resist, it’s a mystery why people would have a prejudice against such as thing.


After seeing Tori and hearing his story, President Moon Jae In adopted the dog in hopes that he could remove the stigma surrounding black and mixed-breed dogs.


Moon Jae In is known to be a passionate animal lover who had been raising dogs and cats prior to adopting Tori.


He has been captured on camera on multiple occasions with a look of love in his eyes as he looks at his dogs.


He has also mentioned his dog Maru in a post saying that he missed him very much.

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“Maru, were you doing well without me? Were you bored? I missed you.” ㅡ Moon Jae In


And has even met with animal rights groups and animal lovers in the past to discuss issues on animal rights and welfare.


Tori is now living the life with a passionate owner such as Moon Jae In.

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“Tori always watches me leave and welcomes me home from work. If I stroke his neck or belly, he starts rolling on the ground and becomes so happy he doesn’t know what do do with himself. Taking a stroll around the residence with these two after work or on the weekends is the most comforting time for me.” ㅡ President Moon Jae In


May Tori continue to live a long and healthy life with lots of love!

Source: CARE and News