Sabrina Carpenter Can’t Get Enough Of TWICE’s “Candy Pop”

Who knew that she was a ONCE?

Sabrina Carpenter is an American singer-songwriter famous for her appearances on Disney Channel.

She’s made her love for TWICE clear in the past…

But ONCEs are falling in love with her cover of TWICE’s “Candy Pop”.

Sabrina surprised everyone by showing a surprisingly good grasp of Japanese by emulating the lyrics perfectly.

Sabrina isn’t the first Western artist to declare her love for TWICE. ONCEs may remember Camilla Cabello falling in love with “Candy Pop” as well, while on tour in Japan.

Sharp-eyed ONCEs also spotted the singer listening to TWICE’s hit single, “YES or YES”.

With such famous ONCEs, we can’t help but wonder when TWICE will launch their international tour.