Sam Hammington Sheds Tears After Opening Up About When He Was Poor And Nameless

He thanked his wife for her unconditional support.

Sam Hammington appeared on MBC’s Video Star where he talked about his win at the KBS Entertainment Awards for his role on KBS’s Superman Returns.

Sam Hammington confessed that he really didn’t expect to win the award and that as a result, he forgot to thank his wife and children during his speech.

He explained that following the acceptance of the award, he received a text message from his wife that made him tear up.

My wife texted me, “You worked so hard for this”, and that made me tear up because my wife was there for me the whole time I tried to make it in the entertainment business.

— Sam Hammington

He even looked back at the time he wasn’t famous and he couldn’t make very much money but made it clear that his wife showed him her unconditional support.

There was a time when I couldn’t find any jobs, and even thought about going back to Australia. So I didn’t even think I could receive an award in Korea. I couldn’t help but tear up.

— Sam Hammington

Sam Hammington then proceeded to sincerely thank his wife and children for being there no matter what.

Yoo Mi, thank you so much for enduring such a long time of me being nameless and not making much money. And William and Bentley, I’m so thankful for you two. You’re the reason I can work. I promise to work for another 20 years, so let’s try to be happy. I love you.

— Sam Hammington

Here’s hoping Sam Hammington and his family continue to flourish in all aspects of their lives!