Sam Hammington Reveals That He’s Extra Strict With His Kids Because They’re of Mixed Race

Sam is very strict with his sons, William and Bentley.

On a recent episode of MBC’s Video Star, Sam Hammington revealed his different approach when disciplining his children due to the fact that they’re of mixed race living in Korea.

The conversation began when fellow guest, Son Jin Young confessed that he feels bad for Sam Hammington’s children.

I feel like William and Bentley must be having a hard time because of Sam.

– Son Jin Young

He then shared a story of just how strict Sam Hammington is with his children.

I once went over to their house with a present, but Sam kept on disciplining them until they thanked me properly. I feel like the kids might be stressed because of their father.

– Son Jin Young

In response, Sam Hammington explained the reason why he thinks his children need to have the best manners while living in Korea.

This is actually a serious story. Since both my kids are of mixed race, I think they need to be more mannerly than the average Korean in order to survive in this country.

– Sam Hammington

He continued that he’s stressing the importance of manners to his children so that they don’t cause any inconvenience out in public.

I’m teaching my children that having good manners is very important. I think it’s better to be strict at home than to have them making mistakes out in public.

– Sam Hammington

Phillip Choi, who is also raising an 8-month-old daughter, confirmed that Sam Hammington raises his children in a strict manner.

When his kids fall over, Sam just tells them to get up instead of helping, and raises them to be strong. If I had a son, I’d raise him that way, but I can’t seem to do that with my daughter.

–  Phillip Choi


In response, Sam Hammington explained that he also believes establishing independence is important for the kids.

I’m making them get up on their own so that they can learn a sense of independence. I think the role of a parent is to help the kids be able to do everything on their own.

– Sam Hammington

Source: Dispatch