Sam Kim Revealed The Hardship Of Living Away From His Family Members

Being away from family is hard

On a recent episode of Get Real, KARD‘s BM and Ladies Code‘s Ashley sat down and discussed the blues people experience during the holidays. One major subject they talked about was Sam Kim’s journey of moving to Korea.

Being that Sam Kim is from Seattle, he had to move alone to Korea in order to start his career. With this in mind, Ashley asked Sam Kim when he would miss his family the most.

I would say…when I would get sick. It’s not like my mom or my family really did anything for me when I was sick anyway at home. But it’s just the fact that they’re there and then one day they’re not, so being in Korea, whenever I got sick

— Sam Kim

BM and Ashley, K-Pop idols who have also come from the U.S, agreed with Sam Kim. Many K-Pop artists come from around the world to pursue a career in music. They often times have to move alone and give up seeing their family.

Sam Kim also revealed that it was when he returned to Seattle after moving to Korea that he wrote his hit song “Seattle.”

I wrote ‘Seattle’ When I went home. So it was like one of the first times I got to go home for a few days. It was actually the longest time I got to stay home. I think it was like two weeks.

— Sam Kim

He continued to share how his home Seattle inspired him to write his song.

I remember at home we have a piano and on that piano I spent my childhood on that. We didn’t have any games or like phones. The internet wasn’t really a thing for us at home.

— Sam Kim

Sam Kim then added that though the piano had always been in his childhood, coming back as an adult after some time made him look at it differently.

My whole childhood…I spent it on that piano for like three or four hours a day. So after K-Pop Star and kind of training and dance lesson, going through a routine as a trainee for a year or two. I go back and I see this piano in a completely different way. Like I sat down on it and what came out was ‘Seattle.’

— Sam Kim

Check out BM, Sam Kim and Ashley’s full conversation below: