Samuel Shoved By Rude NCT Fans During His Interview

He was pushed out of the way just so they could get a photo.

An incident with some NCT fans has been under heavy scrutiny for the extremely rude behavior displayed towards singer Samuel.


Samuel was on his way to Music Bank when he stopped to do an interview for Spotted At Music Bank, an entertainment news program that interviews artists on their way to the music show.


NCT 2018 had just arrived when Samuel was in the middle of his interview. Fans began jumping the fence put in place, and brushed past Samuel to chase the group.


As NCT 2018 got closer to the venue, fans rudely bumped Samuel and the reporters, just so they could get a photo.


Despite the chaotic situation, Samuel maintained his composure, and continued with his interview.


Once the crowd had passed, the reporters apologized to Samuel for the difficult situation he was placed in.

“Are you ok? Sometimes it gets a little chaotic in the morning like this.”


But Samuel completed his interview with professionalism, even sending a heart to his fans.


Netizens are furious with the NCT fans that acted rudely, especially for their lack of common courtesy to other artists.

  • “I feel bad for Samuel…they got pushed by crazy NCT fans.”
  • “Omg Samuel! I love NCT but NCTzen need to calm down…”
  • “So rude! Event nct members got pushed”
  • “Not all NCT fans are like that, but as an NCT fan I apologize to Samuel hope he’s okay.”
  • “What happened here is very rude and the fans behavior is so barbaric”


Check out the incident in full below:

Source: Dispatch and SBS News