That One Time Sana Schooled Kangnam in Japanese, Here’s Why

Sana’s savage in two languages!

While Sana and Kangnam are both fluent in Japanese, that doesn’t mean that they can’t make mistakes when speaking their native language due to also knowing Korean.

And Sana wasn’t afraid of pointing that out!

During Happy Together’s “Global Entertainers Special”, each guest was from a foreign country and was asked to introduce themselves in their native language. Kangnam and Sana were there to represent Japan, and this is where things got funny!

After both Kangnam and Sana did their Japanese greetings back-to-back, she was asked by the hosts if Kangnam (being a fellow Japanese speaker) was helpful in helping her navigate idoldom:

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When pressed about why she though that, she responded with:

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Noting that Kangnam said the “th” in “Happy Together” with a Korean “th” sound and not the Japanese “j” sound, it made Kangnam have a slight (but noticeable) Korean accent when speaking Japanese.

Of course, Kangnam totally disagreed, and argued with Sana with hilarious results!

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After a bit of back and forth when Kangnam tries to prove he’s saying “together” the Japanese way while Sana keeps correcting him every time he says it wrong, Kangnam finally concedes defeat.

But not in the way one would think!

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Unable to truly concede defeat, Kangnam said that Sana must be wrong and jokingly said it’s because she must be Korean!

Though the hosts did side with Sana, it was funny to see her as a dongsaeng school her sunbae in a language they both speak fluently!