TWICE Sana’s Wardrobe Malfunctions, Uses Her Bra To Hide It

Sana used her bra to hide the wardrobe malfunction.

During the performance of “Likey” at theon SBS’s 2017 Gayo Daejun, Sana did something on the stage that surprised fans who spotted it!

Sana was wearing a gorgeous white dress with shiny silver belt and silver colored ribbon on her hair to complete her stunning look.

But during her energetic dance performance, the ribbon started to fall off from her hair mid-performance. Although the ribbon was annoyingly bouncing around, she waited until the right moment to take it off without missing a step of her choreography.

She snatched the ribbon off and continued dancing with it in her hands. Then, in a smooth motion she discreetly slipped the ribbon under her outfit and glanced at Mina, who had spotted Sana hiding the ribbon in her bra.

Fans are impressed by how professionally Sana dealt with the falling ribbon and can’t get over how smoothly it was done. Most didn’t even notice what had happened!