Sandara Park Admitted She’s Had A Crush On One Male Idol For 22 Years

It’s a known secret.

On an episode of MBN variety show Hoon Man Jung Eum, Sandara Park appeared as a guest on the ‘Dating Expert’ special that the show was having. She made a cute revelation about one of the other guests on the show.

The show’s MC revealed that Dara has had a crush on SECHSKIES member Eun Ji Won for the past 22 years and as it happens Eun Ji Won was also guesting on the show. The MC thinks this is why Dara accepted the offer to come on the show without a second thought. Jea continued to tease Dara, mimicking her and quoting her:

Isn’t Ji Won oppa so perfect? When he changes his hairstyle, he looks younger than most idols these days.

— Jea

Dara started to get very embarrassed and explained why she likes Ji Won after being prompted to do so.

He’s handsome and has tsundere charms. In real life, he’s so sweet about everything.

— Dara

Ji Won was thankful for the praise but was also skeptical that Dara has had a crush on him for a whole 22 years, but judging from his facial expression, he was very thrilled to hear that from a beauty like Dara!