G-Dragon criticized Dara’s appearance, and now she changed her style

Sandara Park was one of the panelists for Onstyle’s program Get It Beauty 2017, where she confessed G-Dragon once made fun of her appearance, which made her rethink her whole image.


During the show, she was asked to share her personal make-up tips and decided to do a natural style makeup on herself.


She revealed that G-Dragon’s words made an strong impact on how she does her makeup now.

“I went to a club in full make-up and G-Dragon said, “Thats tacky. Who goes to a club in full make-up nowadays?’”

– Sandara Park


Since then, she’s taken a lighter approach to how she does her makeup.


Her new makeup style is a strong contrast to her previous style!


And the look new totally accentuates her natural beauty. What a visual goddess!

Source: Dispatch