Sandara Park Cutely Insists She Has Dated People Breaking Idol Stereotypes

Rather than avoiding the question, she insisted she has dated people before!

On the latest episode of the web series Unnies Without Appetite (unnie is the word Korean girls use to refer to older women), hosts Sandara Park, also known as Dara, and Park So Hyun were joined by their “muk professor” for the day, Pungja, who is an openly transgender content creator on YouTube.

Content creator Pungja | 흥마늘 스튜디오/YouTube

The ladies had a great time gossiping while Pungja tried to entice Dara and So Hyun with delicious foods meant for late-night snacking.

Sandara Park and Park So Hyun with Pungja | 흥마늘 스튜디오/YouTube

Naturally, they also began drinking alcohol to combat all the greasy foods they were taking!

Dara then asked Pungja if she ever did anything she regretted while drunk, to which she answered she once drunk-dialed her ex-boyfriend! If that wasn’t crazy enough, Pungja realized after sobering up that she had been speaking to her father the whole time!

Her hilarious story made Dara jealous, and wish that she had her own funny stories to tell. In a shocking twist, she said she usually only drinks with men when she first dates them!

Like a true best friend, So Hyun strongly denied that Dara was dating anyone, protecting her idol image. When Dara insisted that she had been dating, Pungja also chimed in and said that despite sharing a lot of friends with Dara, she had never heard of a single person she dated.

Giving up, all Dara could say was, “My friends are really good at keeping secrets.

Before the episode ended, she got the last laugh by giving a disclaimer to male audiences watching that if ever she did drink with you, that meant she liked you as well!

Watch the full episode of Unnies Without Appetite with Sandara Park and Park So Hyun with their guest Pungja below! They begin talking about their drinking habits at the 9:32 mark.