Sandara Park Surprising Her Friend With EXO’s Autographs Is Literally The Best Thing Ever

You’ll be smiling from ear to ear:

When it comes to planning the best birthday surprise ever for your EXO-L friend, absolutely nobody is doing it like Sandara Park!


Dara recently uploaded a series of video clips to her Instagram page showcasing the exact moment she surprised one of her close Filipina friends who also happens to be a huge EXO-L with a very special early birthday gift…EXO‘s autographs!


And her reaction, as well as Dara’s reaction to her friend’s reaction, is literally the best thing ever! From the moment she realized what Dara had given her, her reaction said it all.


From surprise, excitement, and complete happiness she showed it all! And as she fangirled hard to their autographs, many EXO-Ls couldn’t have been happier for her!


But it wasn’t just her reaction that made everyone smile, it was Dara’s reaction to seeing her friend’s happiness! Throughout the video, Dara can be seen with a huge smile on her face and being just as excited about the moment as her friend!


EXO-Ls suspect that Dara got Suho, Sehun, Kai, Chen, and Baekhyun‘s autographs when they were all on Superstar K which means she had been planning this particular surprise for a while. And based on both of their reactions it turned out to be the best one ever!


With Dara and her friend’s reactions taking over the internet, everyone is more convinced than ever that Dara is the best friend ever! Check out more of the amazing moment between them below: