Sandara Park Explains Why She Doesn’t Have a Boyfriend

Sandara Park explained why she had a difficult time finding a boyfriend for herself after she came to South Korea.

During an interview in the Philippines, she was asked about how her love life has been going and if she was currently dating.

Dara explained that finding a boyfriend was hard for her. She said she lacks the confidence when it comes to approaching someone that she liked.


Sandara explained that after signing a contract with YG Entertainment as a member of 2NE1, she was not allowed to date for three years.


Another reason dating was hard was because she had no time due to her busy career. If she did date, it would’ve been hard to find the time to spend time with her boyfriend.

Dating co-workers were a big no for her as well.

With her mind focused more on a successful career than her love life, it’s not a pressing matter for Sandara at the moment.