Sandara Park Reveals That Her Manager Reported Details Of Her Private Life To YG Entertainment

“I was scared because it was so detailed.”

Sandara Park revealed that information about her private life was reported to YG Entertainment on an episode of Video Star.

When Park Na Rae mentioned, “During your promotions, I heard you thought your manager was taking care of your personal schedules as well but that he reported even who you were meeting (to the company)?,” Sandara told what happened.

(Our manager) took us to places with the company car and reported our private lives. At first, I thought it was a good thing. They took us to the skin clinic, for meals or meeting friends with the company car. Other people envied us.

ㅡ Sandara Park


And while she thought she was receiving “special care”, she explained that one day, she received a text message from her manager that was sent by mistake and discovered how he was reporting their schedules.

Then one time, my manager accidentally sent me a text message. It said, ‘Dara and CL are eating stew at so and so restaurant in Itaewon.’ I was scared because it was so detailed. He was reporting our every move.

ㅡ Sandara Park


She added that she doesn’t take the company car anymore.

So these days, I don’t ride the company car.

ㅡ Sandara Park

Source: Dispatch