Sandara Park Reveals The Sexy Outfit She Wants To Wear For Her Next Album

She’s not afraid to show off her body.

Sandara Park (also known as Dara) and Park So Hyun star in the YouTube web series Unnies Without Appetite (unnie is the word Korean girls use to refer to older women), where they visit famous personalities to try and learn how to eat more.

Title card for Unnies Without Appetite | 흥마늘 스튜디오/YouTube

On the show’s most recent episode, Dara and So Hyun were joined by an experienced wild mukbanger (Korean word for the host of an eating show), Oking. The group entertained audiences by creating their own cooking fire and talking about whether or not women and men can just be friends.

Sandara Park and Park So Hyun with Oking on Unnies Without Appetite | 흥마늘 스튜디오/YouTube

The group also talked about whether they picked their outfit of the day based on how much skin they will show.

Dara and So Hyun quickly agreed, and Dara added, “When I’m abroad, I tend to walk around half naked.

Oking, on the other hand, implied that he would feel uncomfortable if his girlfriend showed too much skin since some modern crop tops reach up to the chest.

Dara interrupted him by saying that wearing the underboob fashion was on her wishlist, and she wanted to try it for her next album! So Hyun was excited to see it as well.

Oking had no reply as Dara, and So Hyun just giggled.

Dara showed she has no problem showing off her body when she released her gorgeous Calvin Klein photoshoot last April 2022!

| @daraxxi/Instagram

Fans now have another reason to look forward to Dara’s next album release!

Watch Sandara Park and Park So Hyun’s episode of Unnies Without Appetite with their guest Oking below!