Sandara Park Talks About Ex-Boyfriends… Confesses Most Of Them Were NOT Korean

“I haven’t really dated in Korean before.”

On a recent episode of Livin’ the Double Life, Sandara Park dropped some details about her past relationships.

While talking about how CL is more comfortable speaking English than Korean, Yoo Se Yoon asked Sandara whether she prefers to communicate in English as well. Sandara, who lived in the Philippines for more than 10 years, responded that she’s more comfortable with Tagalog.

Yoo Se Yoon: So, you’re more comfortable with English too?

Sandara Park: Well, I’m the most comfortable with Tagalog.

Then Sandara explained why—it’s because her past relationships were in Tagalog.

“It’s because I’ve had many experiences in Tagalog—dating, fighting, etc. I haven’t really dated in Korean before. So, I’m not as comfortable with it.”

— Sandara Park

This isn’t the first time Sandara talked honestly about her relationships. She previously garnered attention for talking about her difficult break up with her first love.

Sandara Park Confesses That She Couldn’t Stop Crying After Her Last Breakup

You can watch the full clip below:


Source: Naver Entertainment