Sandara Park Once Tried To Raise Money For Charity But Was Taken Advantage Of

“I was really hurt.”

When I Live Alone co-host and comedian Park Na Rae was organizing a flea sale with singer Sandara Park, some interesting (albeit sad) information came to light. Sandara revealed that when she previously held a flea, she donated all of the profit she made to charity, which is incredibly admirable.

Source: KOCOWA TV/YouTube

Na Rae was shocked to hear how much money Sandara had earned through her flea, which was no small amount!

Source: KOCOWA TV/YouTube

Despite earning a significant amount through her flea and being able to donate to charity, Sandara revealed that she was upset when she learned that re-sellers had taken advantage of her by buying her items for a very low cost before turning around to make a profit on it!

Source: KOCOWA TV/YouTube

They resold everything they bought for so “much more“…

Source: KOCOWA TV/YouTube

… That Sandara was really hurt by their greed.

That hurt me.

— Sandara

Source: KOCOWA TV/YouTube

The way Sandara felt was completely understandable, after all, when you’re trying to do good and people take advantage of your kindness, it really hurts! Although she was upset by what transpired, at the end of the day, we’re sure the charity Sandara donated to was grateful for her consideration and thoughtfulness, and that’s what truly matters.

Watch the whole clip below: