Satansoo Slaps Baekhyun In The Face Without Warning

Everyone knows D.O.’s dark side: Satansoo. In this clip, Baekhyun’s pesky antics get shut down real quick by the man who doesn’t take any nonsense.

In this hilarious “Thug Life” compilation video, D.O. can be seen wreaking havoc on his fellow members for their incessant shinanigans. D.O.’s ultimate form, “Satansoo” comes to life, bringing an abrupt end to the foolishness of the other EXO members. Witness the power of Satansoo for yourself in this video compilation below!

D.O never fails to bring laughter and joy to fans. Even though he may seem aggressive to his members at times, everyone knows it’s just his way of showing how much love EXO members have for each other as a whole.

In another clip, D.O. becomes the ultimate prankster during a performance by tricking the audience into thinking he was about to do a solo performance! As he appeared ready to make a solo stage, all the cameras on stage were ready to capture his emotional and dramatic performance. However, after just a few seconds, D.O suddenly ran off and followed his fellow group members off-stage, revealing that he was only pretending to start a solo stage as a prank on all his fans. D.O. is just too funny!