Camera man at Seoul Music Awards hilariously mistakes two idol groups

A funny moment occurred with the camera man at the Seoul Music Awards, and the results were hilarious.

At the night of the event, the film crew did their usual routine and made sure that they were filming as many idol groups on and off stage.

The hilarious mistake in question occurred when the camera man accidentally focused on a group that hadn’t been mentioned by the host.

The host mentioned BTS, and the camera man accidentally focused the camera on EXO, this mistake caught EXO’s member, Baekhyun off guard. Even though he was initially startled by the sudden mistake, he handled the situation naturally and politely put up his hand, waved it back and forth and signaled that it wasn’t his group’s turn to perform.

The cameraman realized his mistake promptly and turned the camera’s focus on the host.

A fan at the event uploaded the video on Twitter and the tweet went viral. It was retweeted at least 500 times and fans all over the world were able to see the hilarious mistake.

Check out the funny mistake by the cameraman below!