K-Pop Idol Discusses The Scariest Sasaeng Encounters She’s Ever Heard Of, Shares Her Feelings On The Topic

From looking into their home windows to sending menstrual blood letters, is there a line sasaengs won’t cross?

K-Rapper and YouTuber Grace Kim shared the “top scary fan encounters” on her channel GRAZY TV. Grace explained in her video that sasaeng thrive on attention from their idols and want to make a lasting impression on them—even if it’s a negative one.

The purpose of these sasaeng extreme fans is because they want to remain a memory in a celebrity’s life.


One sasaeng revealed that fans “get jobs at telephone companies, at credit card companies, and Internet portal sites in order to find the information on celebrities.

Grace shared that sasaeng fans purposely work at companies where they can access celebrity information. As for how these “fans” get around? They pay hundreds of dollars a day to sasaeng taxi drivers to help them pursue the celebrity they’re after!

Grace compiled all the scary photos of sasaeng fans that she found, and we’ve put them all here for you.

1. JYJ’s Junsu being watched by fans

You can see in the back lots of girls just staring into the window. That is so, so freaky.


2. JYJ’s Jaejoong getting a kiss while asleep

This was taken in a Korean sauna. He was just relaxing and the fan even took a photo and bragged that she even kissed him in his sleep.


3. Sasaeng looking directly into the home

You see a girl literally outside of their home.


4. Another JYJ member’s privacy being invaded

One of the fans installed this camera in the apartment’s parking lot in order to get these pictures.


5. DBSK’s Changmin confronting sasaeng

This video is a long time ago but apparently the sasaeng fans in these taxis, they were following Changmin around and he just got fed up and…


6. Bloody letter to Taeyang

She apparently slit her neck and her other parts of the body in order to drip blood and write a letter…


7. The bloody letter to 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon

It is written in menstrual blood and she sprinkled her private part area hair into these letters, took a photo and sent it.


8. Girl’s Generation’s Taeyeon getting snatched off stage

Where’s the security guard? Hello? And just grabbed her in the middle of the performance.


9. U-Know Yunho gets poisoned by a sasaeng

Back in 2006, an anti-fan apparently gave him a drink that was supposed to be orange juice. He didn’t think anything of it and drink it in one shot apparently, and he started to feel ill, like there was a massive chemical smell. He started to cough up blood and he passed out. Later on, he found out in this drink a fan put some hard super glue.


10. BTS gets bomb and gun threats for NY concert

BTS had a New York concert and there was this Twitter feud because there were people trying to bomb the concert or bring guns to the concert.


11. Star King contestant Lee Eun Ji killed herself after being harassed by sasaeng

She uploaded a photo she took with Super Junior because Super Junior and other celebrities attend the show as judges. She received a lot of death threats and criticism.


12. Tablo got harassed by sasaengs called Tajino group for two years

Tablo graduated from Stanford University and a lot of people just didn’t believe he graduated from Stanford, for some reason. Tajino group even went out on the streets to announce that they want the truth from Tablo.


Grace wrapped up her list with a gentle reminder for fans:

Even though they’re celebrities they still have a personal life. Everyone has a personal life. Even though they’re celebrities it does not give you the right to cross any boundaries.