After School Lizzy Confesses She Has Recently Undergone Plastic Surgery

Lizzy revealed her beauty secret in response to hearing that she has gotten prettier.

On December 20, After School Lizzy was the special guest for the Tuesday’s Crazy Quiz segment on SBS Radio Power FM Cultwo Show.

DJ Cultwo warmly welcomed Lizzy by saying “If you’re talking about who is in charge of visuals in After School, it’s Lizzy.” While laughing, Lizzy simply replied, “It’s just a saying.”

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Cultwo continues “But these days, that saying is very accurate,” but did not expect Lizzy’s response. Lizzy revealed “My double eyelids loosened up, so I had them pinched up a little bit,”  confessing that she has gone through plastic surgery recently.

Also on the broadcast, Lizzy revealed that her favorite “food” is soju, captivating the listeners with her fascinating charms.

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Source: Herald Pop