ScHoolboy Q Was Told To Push His Album Back To Avoid BTS

“They trynna f*** up my lil’ shine.”

Recently, ScHoolboy Q posted to his Instagram stories saying he was advised to push back his album since BTS‘s album would drop their album as well.

In the Instagram story, he says that he had been number one on the charts in the United States before and he would want to be number one again.

He got a call from someone in his label, however, saying that BTS was going to drop their album and they were expected to sell out a huge number of albums. They label warned him about the K-Pop group’s impact.

He says he has never heard of BTS until then but they were messing with “his shine”.

He decided to postpone his album launch for a week to allow BTS some time to shine and to give his album a proper chance to shine too.

Hopefully, his album will do well when it drops!